Africa Top10 Lifestyle & Travel News

1. YouTube is Helping African Music Acts Go Global, Here’s How While many dream of using YouTube as their launching pad to stardom, discovery doesn’t come easy. Thanks to a new partnership between YouTube and Mr. Eazi’s emPawa Foundation, however, emerging talents from Africa are getting a leg up and the chance to develop aContinue reading “Africa Top10 Lifestyle & Travel News”

The Best of Africa: Top Destinations and Experiences

The massive continent of Africa is home to more than 1.2 billion people, has 54 countries, the longest river in the world and the largest-remaining populations of lions, elephants, rhinoceros, cheetahs, hyenas and leopards. Humans have lived here for nearly 7 million years, archaeologists believe. It’s a huge place, and rich with history, culture, wildlifeContinue reading “The Best of Africa: Top Destinations and Experiences”

Africa Top 10 Lifestyle & Travel News

How ‘Made in Rwanda’ is Breathing LIfe into Kigali’s Fashion Scene  Through a mix of government support and Internet exposure, Rwanda’s fashion industry – and economy as a whole – is gaining momentum and putting Kigali on the world’s fashion map. At first glance, Matthew Rugamba’s big break was the result of pure serendipity. SinceContinue reading “Africa Top 10 Lifestyle & Travel News”