Cooking up a business for this savvy chef

JOHANNESBURG –  Transforming basic cooking into an exciting art form is the language of Chef Nono.Be different – very different. Ulundi-born Chef Nono Mtshali has achieved just that, mastering the art of “people’s cookery” with a unique style and panache of her own.We are privy to one of her fine dining cookery demos at the InternationalContinue reading “Cooking up a business for this savvy chef”

African-Inspired: Joburg’s menu takeover

 Urban Moyo KZN cocktail 3 Reactions Johannesburg has seen a rise of traditional African foods in fine dining restaurants and trendy bistros. From a humble side of pap to a rich sheep’s head, traditional local ingredients are taking over the menu in 2019. From South African chakalaka to North African dukkah and chermoula, Joburg restaurants areContinue reading “African-Inspired: Joburg’s menu takeover”