Rwanda aims to introduce electric motorcycles to address climate change concerns

The Rwandan government is working on a national mobility policy that will replace petrol-powered motorbikes with e-motos. Although government support for electric vehicles is already known, this is the first time it will officially extend it to cover motorbikes. Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, first made the disclosure during a youth gathering a few weeks ago at a “MeetContinue reading “Rwanda aims to introduce electric motorcycles to address climate change concerns”

FRENCH: Un hackathon dédié à la jeunesse

Dans le cadre de la lutte contre le Virus Ebola, Internews a organisé un Hackathon dans la ville de Goma, au Nord Kivu, faisant suite à celui qui a eu lieu à Kinshasa en marge de la Kinshasa Digital Week 2019. Les 30 et 31 mai derniers 60 jeunes ont eu pour mission d’imaginer et de développerContinue reading “FRENCH: Un hackathon dédié à la jeunesse”

Africa Top10 Lifestyle & Travel News

1. YouTube is Helping African Music Acts Go Global, Here’s How While many dream of using YouTube as their launching pad to stardom, discovery doesn’t come easy. Thanks to a new partnership between YouTube and Mr. Eazi’s emPawa Foundation, however, emerging talents from Africa are getting a leg up and the chance to develop aContinue reading “Africa Top10 Lifestyle & Travel News”