Student who emigrated from Africa becomes high school valedictorian

When Afi Tagnedji and her family immigrated to the United States from Africa 4 years ago, Tagnedji took it upon herself to seize any educational opportunity she could get. She became valedictorian, student council president and is a part of the National Honor Society. She has earned full scholarship to attend college, where she plansContinue reading “Student who emigrated from Africa becomes high school valedictorian”

Helping Africa’s Smallholders Feed the World

Sustainable Development Goal 2 – which aims to end hunger by 2030 – is achievable. But it will require a commitment from both governments and the private sector to help rural farmers shift to sustainable – and profitable – agricultural practices. In the rural village of Kura in Kano State, Nigeria, where I grew up,Continue reading “Helping Africa’s Smallholders Feed the World”

South Africa Factory Output Rises Most in Three Years in April

South Africa’s April manufacturing production rose the most since June 2016 as the output of iron and steel, as well as motor vehicles, parts and accessories, surged. Factory output increased 4.6% from a year earlier, compared with revised growth of 1.3% in the previous month, Pretoria-based Statistics South Africa said Tuesday in a statement onContinue reading “South Africa Factory Output Rises Most in Three Years in April”

Ama Dadson of Ghana’s AkooBooks on Audiobooks in Africa

Looking for publishers to share the costs of building audiobook inventory for Africa’s markets, AkooBooks founder Ama Dadson heads to Frankfurt in October. As the Frankfurter Buchmesse prepares its new Frankfurt Audio dedicated area of this year’s fair (October 16 to 20) and the accompanying Frankfurt Audio Summit, one of the exhibitors you’ll be able to find involvedContinue reading “Ama Dadson of Ghana’s AkooBooks on Audiobooks in Africa”

NBA looks to Africa as next growth area – Silver

NBA commissioner Adam Silver delivered a state of the league address on Thursday that sounded more like a foreign policy briefing that underscored the league’s international ambition. With the NBA Finals being played outside of the United States for the first time, the Toronto Raptors hosting the Golden State Warriors provided the perfect setting forContinue reading “NBA looks to Africa as next growth area – Silver”

Celebrating Bernard Dadié, the famed Ivorian writer and statesman who died at 103

On March 9, 2019, Ivory Coast lost Bernard Binlin Dadié, who died at the age of 103 after a long and successful life as a writer, author and brave statesman. Bernard will forever remain on the lips of many Africans when discussing not only the development of literature and folklore in his home country butContinue reading “Celebrating Bernard Dadié, the famed Ivorian writer and statesman who died at 103”

How Booming Population Is Challenging Africa

The world’s developed economies are facing a decline in fertility so pronounced that some will see their populations — and economies — shrink in years ahead. Sub-Saharan Africa faces the opposite situation: Its population has more than doubled in the past three decades and is expected to triple again by the end of this century.Continue reading “How Booming Population Is Challenging Africa”

Santé : Baisse des prix de 214 médicaments

Le ministère de la Santé a annoncé la baisse des prix de 214 médicaments vendus au Maroc. Cette décision entre dans le cadre de l’activation de la politique pharmaceutique nationale visant la réduction des prix des médicaments et la facilitation de l’accès des citoyens aux médicaments et aux produits d’hygiène. Cette baisse concernent les médicamentsContinue reading “Santé : Baisse des prix de 214 médicaments”