Cooking up a business for this savvy chef

JOHANNESBURG –  Transforming basic cooking into an exciting art form is the language of Chef Nono.Be different – very different. Ulundi-born Chef Nono Mtshali has achieved just that, mastering the art of “people’s cookery” with a unique style and panache of her own.We are privy to one of her fine dining cookery demos at the InternationalContinue reading “Cooking up a business for this savvy chef”


NOVEMBER 24, 2014 Once in a while, I think it’s necessary to take a step back from my little world of Tatashey and appreciate everyone else from those who have been in the game for a while, to those just starting out and everyone else in the middle. There are so many creative minds outContinue reading “10 NIGERIAN FOOD BLOGGERS I LOVE”

Carrot with Coriander, Garlic and Cumin – Salatet Sfinari bil Kamoun

This Moroccan salad or side dish is full of flavor and requires minimal effort. The marinade is a perfect combination of basic ingredients, easy to put together and versatile as it can be used with most vegetables and fish. In Libya similar salads (steamed or boiled vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, or broad beans and artichokesContinue reading “Carrot with Coriander, Garlic and Cumin – Salatet Sfinari bil Kamoun”

East Africa Meat Carnival: African Delicacies Served at the Event.

Food lovers from around the city gathered together for another deliciously organized ‘East African Meat Carnival’ on Saturday for an irresistibly tasteful meat fiesta at The Gardens in Najeera. The fast growing series of food events sponsored by Tusker lite had guests trickling in as early as 2:00pm as they enjoyed the afternoon’s outdoor cookingContinue reading “East Africa Meat Carnival: African Delicacies Served at the Event.”

African-Inspired: Joburg’s menu takeover

 Urban Moyo KZN cocktail 3 Reactions Johannesburg has seen a rise of traditional African foods in fine dining restaurants and trendy bistros. From a humble side of pap to a rich sheep’s head, traditional local ingredients are taking over the menu in 2019. From South African chakalaka to North African dukkah and chermoula, Joburg restaurants areContinue reading “African-Inspired: Joburg’s menu takeover”

African Britishness – on Food

In my last article, I covered Celebration, and as a confirmed foodie, I promised to do one on food. Although I did not start liking food until I was about 13 years old, I still loved the idea of food. However, the focus of this article is on African Britishness with respect to my life as aContinue reading “African Britishness – on Food”

So… like what do you eat?

One of the things I’ve been trying to do before I leave is document the interesting cuisine of Togo. Many of the traditional dishes here can be found in other West African countries. Meals such as fufu and pate are common in different variations across the region. So if you’ve ever travelled to Ghana orContinue reading “So… like what do you eat?”

Nice African cuisines

Traditionally most of Africa cuisines use a combination of locally cereal grains, available fruits and vegetables, as well as meat and milk products. In some parts of the Africa, the traditional diet features a preponderance of curd, fresh and healthy vegetables, whey and products milk. In much of Tropical Africa areas, milk of cow cannotContinue reading “Nice African cuisines”