Rethinking History: New Architecture in Burkina Faso

The history and architecture of Burkina Faso is tied to its landscape. As a landlocked country in western Africa, it occupies an extensive plateau with grassy savannas and sparse forests. More than two-thirds of the people live in rural villages, and as such, the country’s modern architecture is the product of ingenuity born from reimagining traditional building materialsContinue reading “Rethinking History: New Architecture in Burkina Faso”

New role for Aminata Toure, German Green with African roots

Aminata Toure, a German with Malian roots and the new deputy speaker of Schleswig-Holstein’s state parliament, wants to do things differently in politics. She has called for transparency and expanding civic engagement. Aminata Toure, who was voted deputy speaker of Schleswig-Holstein’s state parliament on Wednesday, is self-confident and passionately fights for her policies. She wants toContinue reading “New role for Aminata Toure, German Green with African roots”

Africa Top10 Lifestyle & Travel News

1. YouTube is Helping African Music Acts Go Global, Here’s How While many dream of using YouTube as their launching pad to stardom, discovery doesn’t come easy. Thanks to a new partnership between YouTube and Mr. Eazi’s emPawa Foundation, however, emerging talents from Africa are getting a leg up and the chance to develop aContinue reading “Africa Top10 Lifestyle & Travel News”

H&M launching very first African designer collaboration with South African label Mantsho

H&M has revealed their very first collaboration with an African label, South Africa’s Mantsho, celebrating “the elegance and vibrancy of Africa” and allowing them to“explore a vibrant world of bold prints, creative cuts and confident styles.” The collection, which will launch online on August 15th and in selected stores in the UK, will feature “flowy, easy fitting cuts,Continue reading “H&M launching very first African designer collaboration with South African label Mantsho”

African Giant – Burna Boy’s New Album is here.

Burna Boy’s newest album African Giant has arrived, via Bad Habit and Atlantic Records. Burna Boy’s latest effort features guest appearances from Jorja Smith, Damian Marley, Future, YG, and more. African Giant includes previously released tracks “Anybody,” “On The Low,” “Gbona,” and “Dangote.” Continue reading…

‘Birth of Afrobeat’

Review by The Minister of Information JR In September 2017, the Chicago Afrobeat Project released their fourth studio album, “What Goes Up,” featuring Afrobeat pioneer Tony Allen. During their time together, Allen would recount his role in creating the Afrobeat genre. “Birth of Afrobeat” is a seven-minute short that was directed by Opiyo Okeyo, andContinue reading “‘Birth of Afrobeat’”

Explore African art: Contemporary creations reflecting diversity is showcasing strongly in Angola

When anyone thought about African art, it meant woodcuts, masks and ethnic paintings but ‘Contemporary African art’ is becoming popular. It’s a one-dimensional collective term for more than 50 countries, more than one billion people, tens of thousands of ethnic groups, more than 2000 languages, and dozens of religions. Africa itself is the second largestContinue reading “Explore African art: Contemporary creations reflecting diversity is showcasing strongly in Angola”

Event celebrates Ethiopian culture, food

Emebet Alemu, City of Hillsboro welcome all for food, film and fun on June 9 at The Walters. After moving to the Portland metro area in 2009, Emebet Alemu found herself searching for more culturally expressive events in the community. When she noticed little to no representation and celebration of her own home country ofContinue reading “Event celebrates Ethiopian culture, food”

What Is The Richest Country In Africa?

Trade, agriculture, human resources, and industry are the major components of the African economy. As of 2012, Africa housed 1.07 billion people in the 54 countries of the continent. Though the country is rich in resources, the people of the country have been exploited for decades and are poverty stricken. It is expected that theContinue reading “What Is The Richest Country In Africa?”

Join the African Music Caravan from Cotonou to Cuba and Back

Caribbean influence leaves its mark as popular Afro rhythms develop It’s Sunday night at Aba House, an open-air bar in Lomé, Togo’s capital, and stylish young men and women in modern African dress fill the dance floor as the bass guitarist pumps up the tempo. Powerful! Soulful! The lyrics are in Mina, a local languageContinue reading “Join the African Music Caravan from Cotonou to Cuba and Back”