Helping Africa’s Smallholders Feed the World

Sustainable Development Goal 2 – which aims to end hunger by 2030 – is achievable. But it will require a commitment from both governments and the private sector to help rural farmers shift to sustainable – and profitable – agricultural practices. In the rural village of Kura in Kano State, Nigeria, where I grew up,Continue reading “Helping Africa’s Smallholders Feed the World”

Event celebrates Ethiopian culture, food

Emebet Alemu, City of Hillsboro welcome all for food, film and fun on June 9 at The Walters. After moving to the Portland metro area in 2009, Emebet Alemu found herself searching for more culturally expressive events in the community. When she noticed little to no representation and celebration of her own home country ofContinue reading “Event celebrates Ethiopian culture, food”

Ancient grain a remedy for food insecurity in E. Africa?

Experts call for more scientific research on ancient grain to find solution to food insecurity in Horn of Africa ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia It is a tiny seed varying in color from deep reddish brown to amber, silvery and white — the ancient Ethiopian grain known as “Teff”. Currently a staple for tens of millionsContinue reading “Ancient grain a remedy for food insecurity in E. Africa?”

Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance – Martin Muhia Nyambura

Chef Muhia was raised by his grandmother, a home science teacher in a nearby school. She had a passion for quality food and was passionate about ensuring that her knowledge of food preparation was passed down to younger generations. Martin would assist her with making cakes and preparing traditional foods for local wedding ceremonies. TheseContinue reading “Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance – Martin Muhia Nyambura”

Kenyan university to commercialize edible insects to boost food security

A Kenyan university said Tuesday it plans to commercialize edible insects in order to boost food security in the country. Monica Ayieko, a professor at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and technology (JOOUST) told Xinhua in Nairobi that the insects that have been identified as fit for human consumption include crickets, longhorn grasshopper,andContinue reading “Kenyan university to commercialize edible insects to boost food security”

So… like what do you eat?

One of the things I’ve been trying to do before I leave is document the interesting cuisine of Togo. Many of the traditional dishes here can be found in other West African countries. Meals such as fufu and pate are common in different variations across the region. So if you’ve ever travelled to Ghana orContinue reading “So… like what do you eat?”

Enjoying the humble beginnings…😀😀

Hello Foodies!! I hope you have been good, because I have been! I recently leveled up by making design cakes for birthdays! Cool right? Okay let us not boast about it too much, there have only been two cakes so far, but to me it is amazing!! I appreciate that those two people put theirContinue reading “Enjoying the humble beginnings…😀😀”

How Women Are Shaping The Farming Industry

When it comes to agriculture and farming in Africa, women have played a large role in shaping the future. As the continent moves forward, many believe that women are the key to transforming agriculture.  The exciting prospect of realigning the focus of agriculture in Africa to be on women means that there are going toContinue reading “How Women Are Shaping The Farming Industry”

Plant studies show where Africa’s early farmers tamed some of the continent’s key crops

Wheat and other plants that feed much of the world today were likely first domesticated in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East. But another early cradle of agriculture lay thousands of kilometers away, around West Africa’s Niger River Basin, a flurry of plant genomic studies is showing. Several of the continent’s traditional food cropsContinue reading “Plant studies show where Africa’s early farmers tamed some of the continent’s key crops”