With a fresh approach to new age tertiary education, African Leadership University was started in 2013 in South Africa to address the shortages of tertiary education across the continent. Now operating from Mauritius, the venture is in its fourth year and continues to develop world-class African talent at a fraction of the cost. Inspired byContinue reading “THE UNIVERSITY OF THE FUTURE HAS AFRICAN ROOTS”


The urgency to upskill budding entrepreneurs, businesses and youth to accommodate the wave of change brought about by Industry 4.0 is continuously accelerating in Africa. With innovation comes the need for economies to adapt and embrace the disruption. Through programmes such as SqwidNet’s IoT SA University Challenge, this is already happening. At the core of anyContinue reading “SOUTH AFRICAN UNIVERSITIES ARE INNOVATING WITH IOT”

Namibia Students Cultural Exchange coming in September

Namibia Students Cultural Exchange is an initiative that aims to unite students from different higher education institutions in Namibia and worldwide to promote culture and entrepreneurship. The event is scheduled to take place from 12 to 15 September at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Windhoek. Organiser and founder Sandro Ithana believes it is important forContinue reading “Namibia Students Cultural Exchange coming in September”

FRENCH: Un hackathon dédié à la jeunesse

Dans le cadre de la lutte contre le Virus Ebola, Internews a organisé un Hackathon dans la ville de Goma, au Nord Kivu, faisant suite à celui qui a eu lieu à Kinshasa en marge de la Kinshasa Digital Week 2019. Les 30 et 31 mai derniers 60 jeunes ont eu pour mission d’imaginer et de développerContinue reading “FRENCH: Un hackathon dédié à la jeunesse”

Why choose postgraduate studies at the University of Rwanda?

Recent developments in technology have turned the world into a global village, making the job market more competitive and jeopardising the security of jobs for many. And so to be safer, one has to upgrade one’s skills to be more secure. But this has not been an easy path if busy work-life and endless commitmentsContinue reading “Why choose postgraduate studies at the University of Rwanda?”

Support African women working in agriculture

EMPOWERMENT As South Africa commemorates Women’s Month, the country will reflect on the progress made in achieving gender equality and main-streaming the gender agenda across all areas, including agriculture. Agriculture sustains 70% of Africa’s livelihoods, while playing an integral role as an engine of economic growth and poverty reduction. African women, on average, make upContinue reading “Support African women working in agriculture”

The Brown Skin Guys and Girls Who Blew My Mind at TEDx Lagos

It’s safe to say that wherever you live in the world especially as a music lover, you’ve heard the term “Afrobeats”. The popularly referenced genre used loosely to categorise music coming out of Nigeria and to some extent Africa. The uprising of this sound from Beyoncé’s Afrocentric “The Lion King” Music Project, to Davido teamingContinue reading “The Brown Skin Guys and Girls Who Blew My Mind at TEDx Lagos”

Partnership with Kenyan university will build data science expertise

A collaboration between the University of Bristol’s Jean Golding Institute for Data Science and the Strathmore University Business School in Kenya, will focus on using data science to address contemporary challenges facing Kenya and other African countries. The partnership will involve an exchange of ideas and people between the two institutions, sharing expertise, connecting researchersContinue reading “Partnership with Kenyan university will build data science expertise”

Pan-African incubator Energy Generation launches a business school dedicated to energy, technological innovation and entrepreneurship, in Lomé

(Togo First) – Pan-African incubator Energy Generation will open, next October, in Lomé and Accra a business school dedicated to energy, technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Named Business & Energy School, this school will offer three programs:  Bachelor I in Management of Sales Administration and Business Relationship ; Bachelor III in Business Management and an MBA. TheContinue reading “Pan-African incubator Energy Generation launches a business school dedicated to energy, technological innovation and entrepreneurship, in Lomé”

Ethiopia Plants a Remarkable 350 Million Trees in One Day

As forests around the world continue to shrink, reforestation efforts have begun gaining momentum. “In a record-breaking day this week, at the Gulele Botanical Garden in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia launched an [sic] historic tree planting campaign. Over 350 million trees were planted in an ambitious move to counter the effects of deforestation and climate change,” reported the United Nations (U.N.) Environment organizationContinue reading “Ethiopia Plants a Remarkable 350 Million Trees in One Day”