New exhibition will showcase the best of SA & French comics and animation

‘The Art of Comics’ exhibition is on at the Johannesburg Art Gallery from September 19 until November 18 2019 The Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG), the French embassy in SA and the French Institute of SA are pleased to present The Art of Comics, an exciting new exhibition that showcases the fascinating worlds of SA comics and French bandesContinue reading “New exhibition will showcase the best of SA & French comics and animation”

Rethinking History: New Architecture in Burkina Faso

The history and architecture of Burkina Faso is tied to its landscape. As a landlocked country in western Africa, it occupies an extensive plateau with grassy savannas and sparse forests. More than two-thirds of the people live in rural villages, and as such, the country’s modern architecture is the product of ingenuity born from reimagining traditional building materialsContinue reading “Rethinking History: New Architecture in Burkina Faso”

GIPC woos investors at African Green Revolution Summit

The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) has created a platform to explain the various investment opportunities in Ghana to potential investors attending the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) in Accra. The Chief Operating Officer of GIPC, Carl Nelson, speaking at an Investing in Ghana Meeting on Thursday on the topic: “Investing in Agriculture-Raising Efficiency andContinue reading “GIPC woos investors at African Green Revolution Summit”

On Morocco’s increasing role in global food security

There is no exaggeration in saying that Morocco will play an increasingly important role in the world’s food security as the country sits on the globe’s largest phosphates deposits, key to the fertilizers’ industry. Modern agriculture has become more than ever dependent on phosphorus derived from phosphate rock, a non-renewable resource. Morocco as the countryContinue reading “On Morocco’s increasing role in global food security”

Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards crowns the top comedian in SA – Here are all the winners

Johannesburg – The 9th annual Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards took place on Saturday 7 September in Johannesburg, and once again the show was one for the books.   The Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City was filled with comedians and fans alike as everyone came together to honour the best of the best in SA comedy.   Besides bestowingContinue reading “Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards crowns the top comedian in SA – Here are all the winners”

South Africa’s tax revolt is already here: analyst

New SARS commissioner Edward Kieswetter has warned that South African taxpayers may start withholding their tax payments due to years of corruption. However, it may already be too late to discuss the possibility of revolt and the government may need to start looking at the consequences of declining collection. This is according to Jean duContinue reading “South Africa’s tax revolt is already here: analyst”

Are African Artifacts Safer in Europe? Museum Conditions Revive Debate

BERLIN — Is Africa’s cultural heritage better off in Europe or in Africa? That is the question at the heart of a yearslong debate that has gripped museums in Europe, where many officials say they support the idea of repatriating artifacts, but worry that African museums cannot compare to state-of-the-art facilities in Britain, France orContinue reading “Are African Artifacts Safer in Europe? Museum Conditions Revive Debate”

Microsoft to Co-Create Agri-Tech Solutions to Help Ethiopia and Others

Microsoft, through its 4Afrika Initiative, has today announced a new collaboration with the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to co-create technology solutions in agriculture that will impact Ethiopia and ten other countries. Announced at the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF), the collaboration will support AGRA’s digital transformation as it works to improveContinue reading “Microsoft to Co-Create Agri-Tech Solutions to Help Ethiopia and Others”

Cashew industry drives NTEs growth to US$2.8bn

The Non-Traditional Exports (NTEs) of the economy have seen a 10 percent growth in 2018 – the highest in recent years and largely driven by the cashew industry’s performance, the Ghana Export Promotion Authority report has shown. The 2018 Non-Traditional Export statistics report indicates that more than US$2.8billion was realised last year, with the cashewContinue reading “Cashew industry drives NTEs growth to US$2.8bn”

Young talents showcase African art themes

The exhibition came out in the fusion of various art forms exhibited, including Rap, Acapella, Spoken Word, Fashion, Live band music, and dance. The latest edition of the Club Evoke Night sparked youth to think about weaving African culture in the modern lifestyle that is so influenced by western cultures. Dubbed ‘Evoke African Rebellion’, theContinue reading “Young talents showcase African art themes”