South Africa’s tax revolt is already here: analyst


New SARS commissioner Edward Kieswetter has warned that South African taxpayers may start withholding their tax payments due to years of corruption.

However, it may already be too late to discuss the possibility of revolt and the government may need to start looking at the consequences of declining collection.

This is according to Jean du Toit, a senior tax attorney at Tax Consulting SA, who said that a ‘tax revolt’ is any situation where taxpayers in an act of solidarity resolve to abstain from their civic duty of paying their taxes.

A notorious example of an ongoing tax revolt in this regard is e-tolls – one which objectively speaking is quite successful, he said.

“Under a tax revolt, one may broadly identify two types of taxpayers; those who simply do not and never have paid taxes, perhaps out of disdain for the very concept thereof and those who, from some misguided sense of virtue, feel justified in discontinuing their tax obligations. Continue reading…

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