Why choose postgraduate studies at the University of Rwanda?

One of the University Hostels at the UR – Gikondo Campus. / All photos by Simon Peter Kaliisa

Recent developments in technology have turned the world into a global village, making the job market more competitive and jeopardising the security of jobs for many. And so to be safer, one has to upgrade one’s skills to be more secure. But this has not been an easy path if busy work-life and endless commitments are to be considered.

So, how can one pursue education to enhance and master skills and generally, be more ‘marketable’?

The University of Rwanda was established by the Government of Rwanda in 2013, through the merger of previously independent public institutions of higher education into one consolidated entity.  

The university offers opportunities to learn from a pool of leading academics and industry professionals, experienced in teaching and research. For example, if you want to specialise in a field of your choice, like a Master’s or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Rwanda is the place to go.

The university, with its strategically positioned colleges in all corners of the country, offers the best postgraduate programmes, from various disciplines that include; social arts, science and technology, medicine and health science, education, agriculture, animal resources and veterinary science, among many others.  Continue reading…

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