5 Africans making amazing works of art from trash

Calixte Dakpogan at work, Credit: artnet.com

Africa is the second most populated continent in the world. As such, it is only logical that the volumes of trash produced on the daily are high; organic and inorganic, biodegradable and non-biodegradable.

As the levels of waste increase, it becomes important to devise effective ways and methods of getting rid of them or repurposing them.

Flooding and some other forms of disasters reported in African cities can be attributed to improper disposal of waste. Some of the trash will decompose after some years; others will take much more time.

But when one thinks of garbage, they should not necessarily think unsanitary conditions and filth but rather see it as something worth working with, even keeping.

Art, per the narrow general conception, is mostly considered to be of canvas and paint, picturing a figurative landscape or entity. But in reality, the understanding of art is broader than that, encompassing all forms of expressions.

Artists who engage in recycled art employ garbage and found items in the process of making art. They use everyday, disposable items in new formats. Mostly, they use the art to promote an idea, create social awareness and point to relevant issues through the utilization of discarded and found items, ultimately adding extra value to the finished piece. Continue reading…

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