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1. YouTube is Helping African Music Acts Go Global, Here’s How

African Music

While many dream of using YouTube as their launching pad to stardom, discovery doesn’t come easy. Thanks to a new partnership between YouTube and Mr. Eazi’s emPawa Foundation, however, emerging talents from Africa are getting a leg up and the chance to develop a global audience. The idea for emPawa was motivated by the need to give back to Africa’s music industry says Mr Eazi. In 2018, he called for online demo music submissions from artists across Africa using the hashtag #empawa100. Out of 10,000 entries received from 14 countries, 100 were handpicked and their videos funded at $3,000 apiece. Now, emPawa has many moving parts. The incubator helps artists market their music, provides them with access to TV and radio stations for airplay, and enrolls some of them for classes with top business managers so they can become independent music entrepreneurs. 

2. OkayAfrica Presents: ‘The Adinkra Oracle’ with Simone Bresi-Ando

OkayAfrica Presents

We’re all familiar with seeking guidance from the stars, but what about our ancestors?  In a new series from OkayAfrica, Simone Bresi-Ando teaches us about Adinkra and provides us with monthly readings. The Ghanaian-British PR expert, social commentator and activist developed Bresi-Ando Tools For Living—a lifestyle hub providing ‘tools for life’ to help one get through the ups and downs utilizing what we already have, to manifest what we want. One of her tools you’ll be getting to know through this series is the Adinkra Ancestral Guidance Cards—a deck comprised of 44 Adinkra symbols to help you channel information, messages and direction from your ancestors using Adinkra symbols. As many may know, the Adinkra is an ancient language linked with the Akan people of Ghana and the Gyaman people of Ivory Coast. 


3. How Blackboard is Helping Kids Unleash their Creativity


To inspire a new generation of diverse creatives, Blackboard is teaching kids from South Africa’s townships about career opportunities in fields such as animation, photography, film-making and design. The initiative works with kids just entering high school and continues to work with them throughout their high school careers. The students are registered in grade 8 and from there the team at Blackboard are able to identify the ones who are determined to follow a career path in the creative industry. Continue reading…

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