NOVEMBER 24, 2014

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Once in a while, I think it’s necessary to take a step back from my little world of Tatashey and appreciate everyone else from those who have been in the game for a while, to those just starting out and everyone else in the middle. There are so many creative minds out there and everyone has a specialty – something that is unique to them. We aren’t competing, instead we are learning from each other and supporting one another (cc: that time twitter went haywire on the way Nigerian chefs plate traditional food). I am still not sure why some people were angry that we present food beautifully today. Did we force them to look at the food? Or eat it? No. But the rage was real oh!

So today, I have set aside my skillet and chef knife to appreciate a few of my colleagues in the blogosphere. In no way is this list exhaustive – it’s actually just the beginning – so I’ll let you all leave comments and include other bloggers you love.


How do I even start? To be honest I’m not 100% sure she’s Nigerian (awkward because of the title you know…) But even if she isn’t, I still love her blog and she’s on the list regardless. I stumbled on her blog once time when I trying to perfect my puff puff, and I have been hooked ever since. From her simple-to-follow recipes, plating style and food photography… Sometimes the line is blurred between simply admiring her and wanting to be her. Some of my favorite recipes on her blog are her banana, coconut and chocolate flavoured puff puff.

Chocolate puff puff from African Bites
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Chocolate puff puff from African Bites


My sister from another mister (it sounded awkward to say sister from another mother because that doesn’t rhyme so…yeah). Her blog has taken the art of African Fine Dining to another level. It was one of the first African food blogs that opened many people’s eyes to show that our food can be made appealing to those outside our culture. One of the unique things she did recently was a pop-up restaurant. Check it out here

Moin Moin pops by Lohi's Creations
Moin Moin pops by Lohi’s Creations
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When I think of the founding fathers (or mothers?) of Nigerian food blogs, I think of 9ja Foodie. It is a go-to blog for those who have no idea what Nigerian food is and want to learn. Recipes aside, I most admire her passion for advancing Nigerian food because the blog breaks down cultural barriers and makes it easy for non-Nigerians to connect. Also I love that she’s somewhat outspoken (correct me if I am wrong) because some of her discussions on twitter pretty much say “COME AT ME BRO!” Continue reading…


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