10 more African countries are working towards local Startup Acts

African Startups

Development of Startup Acts, entrepreneurship policies or policy visions are ongoing in at least 10 African countries as efforts continue to legislate to ensure the growth of startup ecosystems on the continent.

he first specific startup law globally was passed in Italy in 2012, while Africa’s first Startup Act was passed by the Tunisian government last year. Both Senegal and Mali are also making progress towards passing startup-focused legislation.

More Startups Acts are in the pipeline, according to Jon Stever, co-founder and managing director of Impact Hub Kigali and catalyst at i4Policy, which is leading the development of new methodologies to engage local communities in national and regional policy design. At least 10 African ecosystems are working on putting such laws together, with i4Policy currently assisting the development of a Ghanaian Startup Act.

Stever says he expects more African countries to follow these examples.

“I think that in a few years the question will be, “how many countries don’t have Startup Acts?”,” he said. 

“This year, Smart Africa’s board, comprising 26 African heads of state, requested the Tunisian government to package and share learnings from their Startup Act. Moreover, the work of i4Policy signatories to support policy reforms is multiplying, as are our resources to support the work.” Continue reading…

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