Google for Nigeria: All the Key Announcements at the #GoogleForNigeria Event 2019


Google made a couple of exciting announcements for its customers and partners in Nigerian and Africa during the 3rd edition of the annual Google for Nigeria event that took place on Wednesday, July 24 2019 in Lagos.

Google launched new apps, added new features to existing offerings, and made other key announcements. In case you missed the event here are some of the key announcement made at Google for Nigeria 2019

Google For Nigeria

Key Announcements at Google for Nigeria 2019

  • Bolo: Bolo is an app that helps kids (aged between 6 and 11) learn how to read and increase their reading fluency. It listens to your kid read and corrects them when they mispronounce words while still encouraging them to keep trying. To make reading fun, the kid is awarded stars (points) as they successfully read through the sentences. The app is already at the Play Store, click here
  • Gallery Go: Gallery Go is a light photo app built for low budget smartphones with low memory or slow internet connections. The app is only 10MB in size and can help you manage and edit your photos offline. Gallery is available at the Google Play for devices running Android 8.1 or higher and will be pre-loaded in a couple of budgets phones targeted at the Nigerian market. Download here
  • Google Go: Google Go is a light version of Google Search app that like the Gallery Go is also built for devices with low RAM and slow networks. Google Go has been around for a while, but Google announced it will be incorporating more of its services within the app. So going forward, apart from Search, Google Go will now incorporate other Google services like Discover feed to enable you catch up on the latest news and learn more about your interests. Google Assistant and Google Lens will also be available on Google Go soon. Continue reading…

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