African-Inspired: Joburg’s menu takeover

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Johannesburg has seen a rise of traditional African foods in fine dining restaurants and trendy bistros. From a humble side of pap to a rich sheep’s head, traditional local ingredients are taking over the menu in 2019.

From South African chakalaka to North African dukkah and chermoula, Joburg restaurants are drawing on flavour profiles from across the continent.

South African classics are not new to the fine dining scene – you will often see a malva pudding variation or an upmarket bobotie on the menu. The latest food trend stands out because chefs are turning traditionally “cheap” ingredients into experimental fine dining cuisine.

Chefs like Ence Willemse from NCW are transforming humble local ingredients into fine dining delicacies.

“People think fine dining and they think foie gras and truffles and oysters; we’re trying to shift that perspective,” says Willemse. Continue reading…

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