Explore African art: Contemporary creations reflecting diversity is showcasing strongly in Angola


When anyone thought about African art, it meant woodcuts, masks and ethnic paintings but ‘Contemporary African art’ is becoming popular. It’s a one-dimensional collective term for more than 50 countries, more than one billion people, tens of thousands of ethnic groups, more than 2000 languages, and dozens of religions.

Africa itself is the second largest continent, and its extensive art world is still a vast space of discovery and development.


Paula Nascimento is part of the international art scene and she curated the Angolan Pavilion, which won gold at the Venice Biennale. She knows the Angolan art scene very well.

“It’s a young and vibrant scene, you have painters, photographers, video artists you have all sorts of Media. Performance. It’s a melting pot of ideas,” she told Euronews.


For a long time the African art scene has been underestimated as contemporary African art is still underrepresented worldwide. A new generation of contemporary artists from the continent has now become an integral part of the global art scene, and a new generation of artists and gallery owners is growing-up in South Africa, Uganda and Angola. Continue reading…

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