Meet The Online Concept Store Carrying Celebrities’ Favorite African Designer Brands

A Los Angeles photoshoot with model Nneka Ibeabuchi and The Folklore.

One of the beauties of e-commerce is that you can shop from anywhere in the world and while you think this leaves consumers with varying closets, people end up having similar looks all the time. Despite online retailers copying one another and focusing on all the same trends, they’re selling out faster than ever.

Young entrepreneur Amira Rasool is finally breaking this uninspiring fashion cycle with an online store of her own known as The Folklore, where she sells one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories exclusive to the site from a range of African fashion designers such as MmusoMaxwell, Simon and Mary, Andrea Iyamah, and more. “I recognized that these brands were not in these major retail stores not because the customer demand was not there, it was because retailers were not willing to hop on a plane to Johannesburg or Lagos to sit down with these designers and place orders as they do for European and American designers,” the businesswoman told Forbes. Not only have multiple items sold out proving the strong value of these designers, a number of celebrities including BeyoncéWill.i.Am, and Sevyn Streeter have worn The Folklore’s brands.

Rasool has come a long way in just a few years. She first came up with the idea at the University of Capetown, where she was getting her master’s degree in African studies. In December, she actually plans to return to the continent for her graduation and to meet with new designers to showcase even more exclusive products on The Folklore. To say she has plenty to come is an understatement, but there’s no one better to explain what to expect than Rasool herself. Read through her interview below where she explains her inspiration and future plans for the company. Continue reading…

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