Ancient grain a remedy for food insecurity in E. Africa?

Experts call for more scientific research on ancient grain to find solution to food insecurity in Horn of Africa

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia

It is a tiny seed varying in color from deep reddish brown to amber, silvery and white — the ancient Ethiopian grain known as “Teff”.

Currently a staple for tens of millions of people in Ethiopia and gaining increasing popularity worldwide for being a “superfood”, Teff, according to experts in the field, holds the potential to substantially boost food security in the country and beyond.

Ancient origin

Known by its scientific name as Eragrostis, Teff (a.k.a Lovegrass) is native to the Horn of Africa region notably what is today Ethiopia and Eritrea, where people have been cultivating it for its edible seeds for some 4,000 years.

The name of the ancient grain originates from the Amharic word “teffa” which means “lost”, due to the amazingly small size of the grain (seed has 1/32 parts of an inch in diameter). Continue reading…

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