Trace CEO holds masterclass at African Music Institute

Trace co-founder and CEO Olivier Laouchez was a special guest at the African Music Institute (AMI) in Libreville, Gabon, last month.

During his visit, Laouchez facilitated a masterclass for master of media management and music business students, to whom he presented Trace’s work, told his personal journey in the music business and shared tips about media management.

AMI’s students come from diverse backgrounds such as communications, management, law, journalism and finance. Yet they have opted to find a career in the music business. Some of the students are already established artists in Gabon, including the graduation’s MC, Charly Tchatch, singer and guitarist Tiss Warren Jazz, singer Saydric London and Awax School of Music founder Kevin Mintsa Mebaley.

Born on the island of Martinique in the Caribbean, Laouchez boasts more than 25 years of experience in the music industry. After graduating from the Paris School of Business, he spent two years working in Southeast Asia and in 1993 launched the first free-to-air TV channel in Martinique. In 1998, he was appointed CEO of Secteur Ä – a leading hip hop and R&B label in France – where he designed an audiovisual project dedicated urban music and culture fans. At the time, the label was the home to artists such as Doc Gyneco, Passi, Stomy Bugsy and Arsenic. Continue reading…

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