So… like what do you eat?

One of the things I’ve been trying to do before I leave is document the interesting cuisine of Togo. Many of the traditional dishes here can be found in other West African countries. Meals such as fufu and pate are common in different variations across the region. So if you’ve ever travelled to Ghana or Senegal you’ve probably eaten similar dishes.

The Togolese diet is heavy on the carbs – not so great for us female volunteers! Pretty much every dish comes accompanied by a sauce, so let’s start there. There is quite a variety in the sauces people prepare here and I definitely have my preferences.
– peanut sauce: the king of sauces. Peanut sauce is exactly what it says. Think of it like a spicy thai peanut sauce. It’s most often served with rice but can be with other things too.
– tomato sauce: this sauce is just a typical tomato sauce. Of course VERY spicy as usual with some onions and the ever present smoked fish mixed in. This sauce can be used with anything.
– gboma sauce: gboma is Togo’s spinach. Next to peanut sauce this one is my favorite. Eaten most often with pate or fufu.
– ademe sauce: volunteers call this one booger sauce because of ademe’s consistency when cooked. Ademe is a small leafy green with an unfortunate slimy tendency. Eaten most often with pate or fufu. Continue reading…

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