Nigeria’s Orlando Julius Ekemode to play YAAM Berlin

The Young African Art Market (YAAM) live venue in Berlin, Germany, will host Nigerian Afrobeat saxophonist Orlando Julius Ekemode on 22 May

Nigerian Afrobeat musician Orlando Julius Ekemode.

Ekemode is credited as one of the first musicians to fuse funk, jazz and rhythm and blues with Nigerian highlife to create the powerful Afrobeat sound of the 1960s. He will be backed by UK psychedelic jazz band The Heliocentrics and perform most of the compositions off his 2018 album Ololufe.

Ekemode has been performing with The Heliocentrics, a collective that has worked with DJ Shadow and Mulatu Astakte, since the release of their collaborative debut album Jaiyede Afro in 2014.

Event organiser Philip Leisenberg told Music In Africa that Ekemode’s collaborative efforts with The Heliocentrics had proven to be one of the most successful progressive Afrobeat projects in the history of the genre.

“I have been following Orlando Julius for a couple of years now,” Leisenberg said. “He is a very versatile musician. I love his very early highlife recordings as well as the disco releases that were released in the late ’70s and early ’80s.” Continue reading…

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