How Women Are Shaping The Farming Industry

When it comes to agriculture and farming in Africa, women have played a large role in shaping the future. As the continent moves forward, many believe that women are the key to transforming agriculture. 

The exciting prospect of realigning the focus of agriculture in Africa to be on women means that there are going to new ideas and thoughts and innovations!

If you are venturing into the agricultural field, this is very exciting news!

One woman at a time

Kenyan fruit crops are currently earning an impressive high of ZAR41 per kilogram, and Zimbabwean farmers are no less profitable at ZAR42,12. South Africa’s most profitable crop fetches an impossible ZAR224, 15 per kilogram, one of many signs that Southern Africa’s agricultural industry is booming despite passing droughts in pockets of the region. 

Those numbers are growing thanks to a thriving export market, wealth of rich soil, and favourable currency conversions. Women make up a third of the industry’s employment, and changemakers are leading the charge. 

Nonku Britton-Masekela is one of them. Her meagre R100, 000 investment became a sustainable pilot project that turned her neighbours into business partners. The many keen thinkers working her land allowed her to use intercropping to keep pests at bay. 

Limpopo farmer, Mahlatse Matlakana, is another believer in the South African concept of ubuntu. She donates a portion of her green pepper crops to her neighbours and employs purely from within her community. She also sells to key wholesalers across the country, nourishing the national economy and her own bank account. Continue reading…

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